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Beauty and the beast gay

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Beauty and the Beast: Josh Gad Plays Disneys First-Ever
Beauty And The Beast Spoilers: Disney Introduces Its First Gay Character
Beauty and the Beast: Heres the Exclusively Gay Moment
But, in a change of convention, one character in the new Beauty and the Beast film is set to have the studio’s first ‘exclusively gay scene’. In the film, starring Emma Watson, manservant LeFou
Videos of Beauty and the Beast Gay
The live-action Beauty and the Beast remake won’t only serve as a major dose of nostalgia — the choice to make Gaston’s sidekick LeFou the first openly gay character in a Disney movie adds a
Beauty and the Beast’s openly gay character is a poor
Beauty and the Beast creators have prompted uproar after it was revealed that the live-action remake would feature an exclusively gay moment for the first time in Disney history.
People have a problem with gay Beauty and the Beast
Watching Beauty and the Beast at an advance screening, I spent most of the film watching for that one “exclusively gay moment.” Reader, it takes a while to arrive. Early in the film, LeFou asks