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Outie or innie vagina

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Do you have an innie or an outie? — Digital Spy

In case you didnt know, you can have either an outie vagina or an innie vagina. Whether you have an outie or innie vagina simply depends on the length of your labia minora and labia majora.

is my vagina innie or outie ? | Yahoo Answers

Basically, an “outie vagina” is when her labia minora (the two small folds of skin that lie inside the labia majora, or her “inner labia”) protrude through the labia majora. Not so surprisingly, an “innie vagina” is when the opposite happens.

Innie vs. Outie; How Does It Effect Our Health? | SiOWfa15

An innie is when the labia majora is larger and the labia minora is smaller, so not visible unless you, for want of a better term, open up. Some women with outies report feeling discomfort from chafing of the delicate skin down there, particularly when wearing tight clothing, during sports or when doing activities such as cycling, and for this bunch, Labiaplasty is an option that can ease the pain .

The Saddle Comfort Question: Are you an innie&

Whether you have an outie or innie vagina simply depends on the length of your labia minora and labia majora. Both are totally normal. When you were a kid, you couldnt resist comparing outie and

Innies vs. Outies - What decides the shape of your belly

outie or innie vagina

Circumstances: An "outie" vagina is not so much a question of "normal", but whether it causes discomfort with intercourse, urinary leakage, or problems with defecat Read More 0

Do you have an innie or outie vagina? And whats the

The Saddle Comfort Question: Are you an ‘innie’ or an ‘outie’ The vulva and labia are the outer exposed soft tissue areas around the opening of the vagina. Because women’s sexual anatomy is lower in the pelvic region, and cannot be “adjusted” like men’s sexual anatomy, finding comfort can be more difficult on a bike saddle.

What It Means If You Have An Innie Or An Outie Vagina

Browse 882 pictures and 86 gifs from r/Innies on Reddit. Scrolller is an endless random gallery gathered from the most popular subreddits.

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outie or innie vagina

In 2005, it was reported that 2,100 people had cosmetic surgery on their belly buttons, most often to make outies innies. Finally, just because youve got an innie doesnt mean it will stay that way. via: Health Tap

Do You Have An Outie Vagina Or An Innie Vagina? Here’s How

outie or innie vagina

Belly button, that is? I have an innie Saw a girl on the bus a while back wearing a very tight top, and I could tell she was an outie.:o Not many of them around, apparently, only around 10%, or so Ive read.

Lopsided Vagina: 9 Different Labia Shapes, Colors, and Sizes

outie or innie vagina

Innie is basically the "normal" vagina that everyone wants to have. It is when the outer labia (the 2 big fatty parts) completely conceal the inner lips. An outie is when the inner lips hang outside of the outer ones. I personally prefer outies.

Do You Have An Outie Vagina Or An Innie Vagina? Here’s How

Most outie belly buttons represent some form of a hernia, even if it is just a little peritoneal fat poking through. In some cases, particularly after abdominal surgery, it may represent a detachment of the umbilical stalk so that the outie is caused by a lack of adherence to the abdominal wall.While outie to innie belly button conversions can be done under local anesthesia for around $1500 in

i need help! how do i know if i have an innie or outie vagina?

But naked in front of the mirror. (assuming you are shaven like most girls) If you see a slit, and nothing else, you have an innie. If you have the darker innter lips poking out you have an outie. Another way to be more accurate, is sit on toilet, and pee as fast as you can. If you still only see a slit, you are lucky enough to have an inny.